We are lucky to have an amazing resource for parents, young people and pregnant women developed by health professionals from Southampton.

Please see the link below to a website called Healthier Together which has a wealth of information to help you look after your children when they develop the wide range of childhood illnesses with their often worrying symptoms.  It will help you navigate, using a traffic light system, symptoms which can be managed at home, those which prompt review by a health professional and those which are an emergency.


There is a new Healthier Together urgent care app which can be downloaded and is currently being rolled out across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.  Feedback from parents is that this is hugely reassuring and it has been shown to reduce consultations to GPs and the A+E department.  Please click on the website link below to download the app.
Maternity content is being added in November and midwives will be encouraging all pregnant women to download the app.

The Healthier Together website has worked with NHS doctor and TV personality, Dr Ranj Singh. He has produced a range of informative videos for parents on common childhood illnesses,including fever, shortness of breath/wheeze and bronchiolitis.

BRILLIANT. Simple, reassuring and helpful. THANK YOU

It’s like a mini doctor for you at home. That’s how it is, that’s how I see it!

Healthier Together Website

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