The multi- professional team have a broad range of clinical and non-clinical experience offering a range of expertise to support care homes and their residents.

Annual Review

All residents are offered an annual health review during which all aspects of a resident’s health and wellbeing are assessed, culminating in the development of a personalised care plan. During this process the clinicians seek input from the individual and all involved in their care including GP’s, carers and relatives to ensure the plan captures what matters to the individual in terms of their future treatment and care planning.

  • Annual review – a Comprehensive assessment, reviewing long term conditions, blood tests, urine specimens, and ECG’s where indicated. At the end of the 2 part review an individualised Anticipatory Care Plan is written and held in the notes, their GP record, South Central Ambulance Service, and University Hospital Southampton.
Settling in Review
  • The team aims to see new residents within 7 days of arrival at the home for an initial review. Regardless of whether they are there on a temporary or permanent basis.
Acute Assessments based on clinical need and concern
  • The team will visit and review any resident who has had a fall within the last 7 days.
  • Any resident who has had an ambulance called out to them will be reviewed within 3 days.
  • All residents who have been discharged from hospital back to the care home are reviewed within 3 days.
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