When are patients assigned to the special allocation service?

NHS England have a responsibility to ensure all patients can access good quality healthcare services, and that patients are not refused healthcare following incidents that are reported to the police.

It is important that we maintain a safe environment for patients and healthcare professionals. NHS Regulations allow GP practices to immediately remove patients from their registers following any incidence where a GP or member of practice staff has feared for their safety or wellbeing, resulting in the incident being reported to the police.

How is the service delivered?

Individuals will receive care in a way which is most appropriate to themselves, and the people around them. SPCL Surgery is a designated GP practice in Southampton which provides services to patients under SAS by appointment at a specific location and time. Please note all appointments are made through the phone number provided. You will note SPCL Surgery runs out of secure rooms based within a larger GP practice - no patient on the scheme should be contacting these larger practices on their normal practice phone numbers.


Repeat prescriptions can be issued via telephone calls when necessary. Some patients will be collecting these from a pharmacy on a weekly basis, unless agreed with a GP these will not be issued early.


Referrals can be made as clinically indicated. We will also signpost to appropriate services.