Lower carbohydrate approach

Experience has shown that the most effective way to reduce sugar levels, is to adopt a diet which is low in carbohydrates.  Some amazing results have been seen, and documented, from this.

We would recommend recording your weight, waist circumference and writing down your HbA1c result just before embarking on this journey.  Then repeating these measurements, and asking your practice to repeat your bloods, at 3 months.  The results and the changes will be significant.

How low is low carb?

A low carbohydrate diet is often portrayed as restrictive and hard to stick to.  Below is a video showing this is not the case! It introduces low carb eating, explains why it is helpful for health and how it can be adapted.

For more information regarding low carb diets, please see links below.  Our colleagues in the New Forest have kindly allowed us to share these with you all.

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