The legacy from the Women’s Health Initiative study in the early noughties, saying HRT is inherently bad, increasing the risks of blood clots and breast cancer, has long been rebuked.  Yet menopause care is still lagging behind in some areas.  There is a postcode lottery in terms of HRT. Some items are not available for GPs to prescribe due to NHS red-tape in certain geographical areas, resulting in long waits to menopause clinics.  There are often shortages in the more popular products, and there is no licenced female testosterone product in the UK.

It’s not all bad news though.  The menopause has gained a lot of attention in the press recently, and the awareness and knowledge of our primary care staff is improving all the time.

For more information we would recommend looking at the Balance website. This contains a wealth of information from Dr Louise Newson, the UK’s leading menopause specialist.

Leaflets shared on this site are from Dr Newson’s website. With information learnt from her teaching and efforts to increase menopause knowledge and care for all women.

So what is the perimenopause and menopause?