The Hormone containing coil – IUS (5yrs)

This type of coil is also known as the intrauterine system (IUS).  These coils contain a hormone called progestogen.  This hormone makes the lining of the womb thin so that an egg cannot implant.  It also makes the mucus at the neck of the womb thicker so sperm can’t get in.  After insertion it takes 7 days before the coil is effective and its contraceptive effect lasts for 3-5 years depending on which type you have inserted.

Because of the effect of progestogen on the lining of the womb (uterus) these coils can lead to changes in bleeding patterns.  Bleeding may become erratic and /or persistent in the beginning but this usually settles down over the first 3-6 months after insertion.  Once the bleeding has settled many people may have lighter, infrequent bleeding or they may have no bleeding at all.  Bleeding may also become less painful.

A few people experience hormonal side effects such as acne, breast tenderness, headaches and mood changes.  These will also often settle with time.

These hormone-containing coils can also be used to treat people with heavy painful periods and can also be used as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Prior to coil insertion at SPCL you will be talked through the fitting or removal process, shown the equipment used and be given the opportunity to ask any questions.