Intrauterine Contraception (coils)

A Coil is a small plastic T-shaped device which is placed inside your womb (uterus) to prevent you from getting pregnant.  It has one or two thin threads on the end that hang through your cervix (the entrance to the uterus) into the top of your vagina.  These threads cannot be felt and are not uncomfortable.

Once in place a coil can work for several years.  It can also be easily removed should you wish to become pregnant or change your contraceptive method.

Your fertility will return to normal as soon as the coil is removed.

A coil works by stopping sperm meeting the egg, which prevents fertilisation.  They may also work by preventing a fertilised egg from implanting into the womb.  Coils are over 99% effective and over 5yrs, less than 5 in 1000 people using a coil will become pregnant.  The coil is much more effective at preventing pregnancy than using pills or condoms.

There are 2 types of coil; the copper coil and the hormone containing coil.

We have clinics at SPCL for long acting contraceptives.  Your surgery can call to book an appointment with us, alternatively you can self refer 023 8017 0610.

The first appointment will be for a consultation with a clinician about your contraceptive requirements and to agree on the most appropriate method for you. If a coil or implant is needed, the clinician will explain the LARC procedure and provide a prescription for the item required. You can fulfill the prescription at a any pharmacy (all LARC items are free on the NHS), keep it somewhere safe until your fitting appointment and bring it with you to your second fitting appointment.

If you are having a coil fitting, you will be asked to complete a LARC patient information sheet and bring it with you to your fitting appointment.  This form can downloaded below:

LARC Patient Information Sheet