Implant (Nexplanon)

Nexplanon is the name of the birth control implant that is inserted in the arm.  It’s just as effective as the pill, but without having to remember to take something daily.  It is a small, thin and flexible implant which is placed discreetly under the skin of the inner, non-dominant upper arm, by your healthcare provider.

It is over 99% effective

It lasts for 3 years

It is reversible – so if your plans change it can be removed by your healthcare provider at any time

Nexplanon Factsheet

We have clinics at SPCL for long-acting contraceptives.  Your surgery can call to book an appointment with us, alternatively, you can self refer by calling us on 023 80 170610.

You will be given 2 appointments.

The first appointment will be for a consultation with a clinician about your contraceptive requirements and to agree on the most appropriate method for you. If a coil or implant is needed, the clinician will explain the LARC procedure and provide a prescription for the item required. You can fulfil the prescription at any pharmacy (all LARC items are free on the NHS), keep it somewhere safe until your fitting appointment and bring it with you to your second fitting appointment.