The Copper coil – IUD (works for either 5 or 10yrs)

The copper coil is also known as the intrauterine device (IUD).  This coil works by stopping the sperm from fertilising the egg and preventing implantation.  It starts to work immediately after it is fitted and is effective for 5 or 10 years depending on which type of copper coil is inserted.

This coil does not contain any hormones and will not cause any hormonal side effects.  It will generally not change the regularity of your periods.  Some people may experience longer, heavier and more painful periods with this type of coil but this can settle over time.

The copper coil can also be used for emergency contraception.

At SPCL we are able to fit copper coils as part of our Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive clinics (LARC clinic) as well as for emergency contraceptive needs.